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    Employment Law and Discrimination

    Employment Law and Discrimination

    Premises and Amusement Park Liability

    Premises and Amusement Park Liability

    Motor Vehicle Accidents

    Motor Vehicle Accidents


    Workplace Harassment

    A federal court jury recently awarded $17,500 in damages to a former employee of the Virginia Beach Lifesaving Service after finding the woman was fired for filing a discrimination complaint, the woman’s attorney said. Former lifeguard Robin Lang was able to show that the lifesaving service retaliated against her by firing her after she filed a gender discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, said attorney Lisa A. Bertini, who represented Lang.

    Every legal matter is different. The outcome of each legal case depends upon many factors, including the facts of the case, and no attorney can guarantee a positive result in any particular case.

    The Charges:

    Retaliation after filing gender discrimination complaint

    The Verdict:

    $17,500 in damages

    Client Testimonial:

    Lisa and her team are outstanding! Lisa is easily accessible, responds quickly to emails or calls and truly cares for her clients. Her extensive knowledge of employment and discrimination law as well as her unwavering commitment to her clients’ best interests are the reasons she achieved the results I wanted. I highly recommend Lisa.
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    • Physician Moms More Likely to Face Discrimination at Work A new survey released by the University of California San Francisco finds that physician moms often face discrimination in the workplace. The UCSF report, which reached nearly 6,000 working physician mothers, found that a staggering 4 out of 5 respondents reported facing some kind of discrimination, most of it based on their status as mothers.
    • LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination As a country, we have come a long way in ensuring that minorities are treated with respect and equal opportunity in all walks of life. Due to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, nearly all forms of discrimination have rightfully been banned in employment practices, including discrimination on the basis of color, race, national origin,.
    • Most Common Lawsuits Against Businesses Unfortunately, many Americans face some form of workplace injustice. What may start out as a minor annoyance or inconvenience may spiral into illegal conduct if issues are not properly addressed. What’s more? Many employers may not take employee concerns regarding harassment or discrimination seriously and may not take action. This can lead to employees choosing.
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