March 28

3 Things to Expect when Suing Your Employer

suing your employerDue to the hard work of thousands of Americans throughout history who fought for better working conditions and civil rights, we currently enjoy many protections in the workplace that previous generations did not. Laws that make it illegal to discriminate against race, gender/ sex, religious beliefs, and a host of other factors protect employee rights at the federal and state levels. Laws against harassment and other types of misconduct work to ensure that a workplace is a safe space for productivity and engagement, where employees are treated with dignity and respect.

Unfortunately, these measures are sometimes disregarded, which pushes some employees to pursue claims through arbitration, EEOC investigations, or litigation. If you are considering working with a Virginia Beach employment attorney to fight against discrimination, harassment, or to receive overdue overtime pay, you are probably curious about what may lie ahead.

March 16

Most Common Types of Retaliation against Employer

work place retaliationAlthough you have every right to pursue legal action against your employer for discrimination, harassment, unpaid overtime, breach of contract, or other types of workplace misconduct, most employees do not pursue legal action for fear of experiencing retaliation. Retaliation is a broad term that includes adverse action taken against an employee after the employee has filed a complaint. Simply put, it’s a type of punishment the employer issues against the employee for exercising his or her rights — and it’s illegal.

March 2

Best Practices for Handling Discrimination at Work

workplace discrimination State and federal law provide a number of protections for employees in Virginia to safeguard individual rights in the workplace.  Despite these guarantees, many employees feel discriminated against in the workplace in light of an employer’s hiring and firing practices or general business decisions.  Dealing with discrimination in the workplace can be overwhelming and difficult to handle.

February 25

Walmart Sued for Wrongful Termination of Employee with Down Syndrome

employee termination formAs the country’s largest private employer, Walmart provides jobs to a full percent of working Americans. It also constantly receives backlash for allegations of employment law violations. From withholding back wages for overtime to nonexempt employees to underpaying women and providing them with few opportunities for advancement, the retail giant does not hold the best reputation as an employer. Most recently, the company has been accused of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act by firing a dedicated employee of 15 years who happens to have Down syndrome.