March 18

“Don’t Label Me. I’m More Than Just a Name.”

On Wednesday, March 8th, Lisa A. Bertini participated as one of four guest speakers at “Don’t Label Me. I’m More Than Just a Name.” This event was produced and hosted by Nina Harvey –Bolden, a senior in the Legal Studies Academy at First Colonial High School, to create awareness about the unfortunate realities of name-based discrimination.
February 10

Is shining a spotlight on the topic of implicit bias a way to put the blindfold back on Lady Justice?

Lisa Bertini’s presentation at the 2015 VBA Conference on Labor Relations and Employment Law is referenced in the VBA Journal Winter 2016-2017 article Justice for All by Toni Guagenti. Guagenti speaks of how Bertini compared the high percentage of VA female attorneys to the disproportionately lower percentage of female attorneys in executive positions in VA’s largest firms in 2013, enlightening the audience of potential biases. Click here to read the full article…see page 31