“Don’t Label Me. I’m More Than Just a Name.”

On Wednesday, March 8th, Lisa A. Bertini participated as one of four guest speakers at “Don’t Label Me. I’m More Than Just a Name.” This event was produced and hosted by Nina Harvey –Bolden, a senior in the Legal Studies Academy at First Colonial High School, to create awareness about the unfortunate realities of name-based discrimination.

Making Strides Toward Equal Pay

Lisa A. Bertini has been featured amongst several exceptionally talented women in blog, “Should You Wait Until 2152 for Equal Pay? These Inspiring Women Say No.” View the full story here

Is shining a spotlight on the topic of implicit bias a way to put the blindfold back on Lady Justice?

Frame LeftLisa Bertini's presentation at the 2015 VBA Conference on Labor Relations and Employment Law is referenced in the VBA Journal Winter 2016-2017 article Justice for All by Toni Guagenti. Guagenti speaks of how Bertini compared the high percentage of VA female attorneys to the disproportionately lower percentage of female attorneys in executive positions in VA's largest firms in 2013, enlightening the audience of potential biases. Click here to read the full article...see page 31

Lisa Bertini joins Women's March on D.C.

Frame RightLisa Bertini joins nearly a million marchers in Washington D.C. to support women's rights. The march was held the day following the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump.

Protecting Employee Rights - Stephenson v. DLP Enterprises, Inc.

Frame RightOn October 1, 2014, Plaintiffs filed the Complaint alleging three claims: (1) Unpaid Overtime and Straight Time under the FLSA; (2) Unpaid Minimum Wage under the FLSA; and (3) Breach of Contract. Click here to read the full article...

Social Media's Impact on Hiring Practices

Frame RightLisa Bertini, whose firm, Bertini Law, in Virginia Beach, specializes in employment law, said she had been hearing from more human resources departments wondering how they should, and can, use social media as a screening factor. Click here to read the full article...

VBA Conference on labor relations and employment law on sexism in the law

Frame RightTwo female litigators and one female judge, from different stages in life and on various tracks in their careers, took a candid look at the landscape for women lawyers/judges in top positions at law firms and businesses nationally. This session explored causes for, and possibilities for relief from, the still surprisingly male-dominated upper bastions of the legal profession. The panelists shared the results of a recent survey of female litigators, and tackled the subject of “implicit” bias.

“Glass Ceilings and Glass Slippers”

Frame RightLisa A. Bertini participated on a panel titled “Glass Ceilings and Glass Slippers” at the Litigation Counsel of America’s 2015 Spring Conference & Celebration of Fellows.

Jury finds retaliation in lifeguard bias case

Frame RightA federal court jury this week awarded $17,500 in damages to a former employee of the Virginia Beach Lifesaving Service after finding the woman was fired for filing a discrimination complaint, the woman's attorney said. Former lifeguard Robin Lang was able to show that the lifesaving service retaliated against her by firing her after she filed a gender discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, said attorney Lisa A. Bertini, who represented Lang. Hear from Robin here

Local lawyer discusses Facebook privacy

Some employers are demanding applicants hand over their Facebook password as part of a background check. But is this legal? spoke with Norfolk Attorney Lisa Bertini who said it is "potentially a violation of a general privacy right."

Virginia Fellow Lisa A. Bertini Elected to the Fourth Judicial Circuit on the Virginia State Bar Council

Recently Lisa A. Bertini, was elected by her colleagues to represent the Fourth Judicial Circuit on the Virginia State Bar Council. As a shareholder and President of Bertini & Hammer, PC in Norfolk Ms. Bertini practices employment law, contract litigation and personal injury. While she represents both plaintiffs and defendants, she primarily has a very small but very busy plaintiffs' practice.

Discrimination Complaints Rise In Hampton Roads

More people are claiming they lost their jobs because of discrimination. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received nearly 100,00 discrimination complaints – a record high – last year. The agency’s Norfolk office reported 1,041 complaints, a 10.7 percent increase from 2009. The EEOC recently reported the data, which cover the federal fiscal year from Oct. 1, 2009, to Sept. 30. Lawyers for both employers and workers say the primary impetus is the gimpy economy.

The Meat Cutter's Daughter

Frame Right For many years, Lisa Bertini, 46, practiced employment law as a dutiful hired gun for corporations. Tall and slender, her dark, determined eyes offset by a head full of curly blond hair, she’d stride into court on behalf of Xerox or Food Lion. But three years ago, she started her own law firm in Norfolk, now called Bertini Law, and carved a more treacherous path. About 80 percent of the time, Bertini is a plaintiff’s lawyer. In Virginia, that means the law isn’t necessarily on her side.

A primer on recent court rulings, minus the legalese

Let’s talk about those big Supreme Court rulings that came out a few weeks ago. No, not those rulings. Our subject today isn’t gay marriage or voting rights. It’s workplace discrimination and retaliation.

Man sues ex-employer, claiming racial discrimination

A former executive has accused Portfolio Recovery Associates of underpaying him because he is black and firing him after he complained. A company lawyer denied the allegation Monday